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Plus 91 Ultimate Cinemas found some useful articles, which is related to a digital marketing and search engine Optimization. Here is the full list:
  • Christopher Benitez offers useful tips to optimize your site for Mobile and bring in more Mobile traffic.
  • Learn how to improve your Mobile page load time, from Dawn Parzych’s blog.
  • Allison Quirk discusses how Email Marketing can positively impact your SEO results.
  • Ana Gotter emphasizes the need for setting up KPIs, optimizing Content and measuring performance, to create an effective Content Marketing strategy.
  • Follow the valuable tips from Jessica Holmes to enhance your Content Marketing efforts.

Why Pinterest is important for business?

What is Pinterest?

     Pinterest is a dynamic social media platform for sharing favourite images, videos, fun media, etc. It can be termed as a visual bookmarking tool.

     Using Pinterest, you can connect with other like-minded people by sharing your hobbies and interest through online bulletin boards.
Pinterest has become interesting for any social marketing strategy. The user may be different, but all companies can find a valid reason to be on Pinterest.

Interesting Facts:

  • Pinterest is the fourth largest social networking website.
  • Pinterest has over 100million monthly users.
  • 85% of the people that use Pinterest is female.
  • Age wise, 67% of pinners are under the age of 40 and 54% the pinners are women aged 34-55.
  • Two-thirds of the content saved on Pinterest comes from businesses.


why pinterest for business
Pinterest helpful for business

How to use Pinterest Marketing for your business?


    If you feel that you don’t have the time for social media platform, don’t have an idea for even try it, you can close this, but if you take your business seriously, and thus your social media, keep on reading.
Pinterest can be used as a social networking tool to promote your business. It is meant to be a little informal compared to others available forms of marketing. Pinterest allows businesses to create pages aimed at promoting their companies online.

On your Pinterest Page:


     Pinterest marketing, like Pinterest itself, evolves around pins and pin boards, where pin boards are simply collections of pins and pins are (collected) photos or videos.

Pin Boards:

     After creating an account with a great description for your business, you need to create a board. You have created the right boards. That board needs to have a decent, creative title and great description. As it is an image-based platform, be sure to focus on activities in your boars, not on your product.

  • If your product is speakers, show people enjoying music,
  • If your product is paint, show things that have been painted, not the cans,
  • If your product is consultancy.. well… eh.
      If you are able to figure out the interest of your target audience, of your potential customers, you can get to them via these subjects as well, of course. Pinterest is about personal interests too. And as with most social media, if you make it personal, most followers will appreciate that.

     The pins that are repinned the most, all have great descriptions. Sometimes a pin only has the title or photographer mention in the description but why no utilize that contain for a smashing description of your product, including a link to the product on your website? If you don’t have the Pinterest picture or other appealing images of your product, you can create great boards by repinning what others pinned. Find this images on the right boards from others for your business.

     If you have a decent amount of pins, you can start analyzing this Pinterest analytics tell us where your visitor comes from and find out ‘what your audience is into’.

On your website:

    Pinterest marketing isn’t just something you do on the Pinterest website alone, but it could also be integrated into your website. It’s quite easy to add widgets to your site. Or Pin It buttons. Note that for your own pinning, these browser buttons might come in handy.

    Perhaps even more important: use great images. Make sure your images are ‘pin-worthy’. That’s just another reason to get rid or adjust of these obvious stock photos you are using by nicely looking ‘brochures’ for your web page.

    Promote your Pinterest page. Add it to the list of buttons linking Facebook and Twitter. Mention it in a blog post. If Pinterest is bringing traffic to your website, why not return the favor, right?

SWOT Analysis for Website

SWOT Analysis of a Website:

               SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Thread. These are the four factors used by organizations to evaluate their business and viability as an enterprise. In a similar way, these factors can be used to evaluate the current and future growth of a website.
               Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors which are under the control of an organization. Opportunities and threats are the external factors which are beyond the control of an organization. After the SWOT analysis, you can find the strengths and weaknesses of your website as well as the opportunities and threats to your website.


                 It refers to the advantages that are not present in the sites of your competitors. These are competitive advantages that help your website again a competitive edge over other similar sites.
Eg: Relevant and unique content, User-Friendly design and quick sign up and check out process, etc. It can be the strengths of your website.
                 It refers to the features of your website that slow down your progress or prevents you from achieving your objectives and goals. To identify your website weakness you can compare a feature of your website with the same feature of competitor website. If your competitor executes this feature better than you then consider this feature as your weakness which should be improved.
                It refers to the external elements which can help you improve your website performance and popularity. these elements are beyond your control and if exploited wisely can help you achieve your objectives and goals. Some of the common opportunities for the website are new technology to improve visitor experience web 2.0 trend focused on social networking, internet on mobile phones, online transactions, innovating marketing strategies, etc.
                It refers to external Factors that may prevent a site from achieving its objectives and goals. These factors are beyond your control and if you ignore these threats your website can’t make progress. Some of the common threats to a website include new entrants, software piracy, unfavorable govt regulation, changing customers needs, competitors imitating your ideas and features, fraudulent activities and etc.

Top 5 Blogs of this week – 13/07/18


Plus 91 Ultimate Cinemas found some useful articles, which is related to a digital marketing and search engine Optimization. Here is the full list:

Why Right Storytelling is Very Important For Digital Marketing? – Diana Elizabeth Pereira

Improving the customer experience means getting search right. – Jim Yu

Google News Digest: Google Ads, New Insights in Google My Business and More – David Bain

The Secret Researcher’s Checklist to Creating Great Strategic Content – Jen Saunders

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Long Tail SEO. – Deepak Kanakaraju

Google’s URL inspection Tool for Everyone

Google launch URL Inspection tool 15days before for few Users, now its available for everyone to use within the new Google Search Console.

         Google confirmed on twitter google Webmaster’s Profile, they launched a new tool to verify your URL is available on a search engine, Now everyone can use this tool on their Google Search Console.

7 SEO tips for organic reach

         When the new tool was first released, it was only available to a limited number of users. Google began rolling it out slowly to more and more users, and at this point in time, 15 days after the first announcement of the tool, Google says the tool is available for all.


         You can go to this link:  Search Engine Console 



How to get Organic(free) Traffic to your website

7 SEO tips for organic reach

1) Analytics:

        When you running a business online you need to track the visitor’s details to enhance the website more convenient and relevant for users. Analytics we can know which keyword getting more audience to your site, which is useful for making content reliable for users.

        Tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster.

2) Page Speed:

        Each and every website must be accessible for every user, it must be easy to load to the audience, which helps to avoid customer. It will also help to get good value to your website on search engines.

        Tool: Google Page Insight

3) Target Keyword:

        A keyword is important to a website, which plays a key role in a website to get top rank in search engine results. At the other end, the search engine checks your desired keyword related information in its database and show the result listing pages according to the words submitted. these word s that are used to search anything called keywords or search terms. If you have used some search terms, you will know that even a single keyword shows a broad list of required information.

“It is also known as Query Term

        Tool: Google keyword planner, Moz keyword planner, KWFinder, Semrush

4)  Optimization:

         Optimization is playing a key role in page performance, you have to Optimize Images, CSS and JS libraries to speed up your website. Google Insight also provide some optimization for your website and other than google insight there are plenty of websites available on the internet.

        Methods: Reduce the size of Images and library files and Alt Text for Images.

5) Content:  

         Content Optimization in SEO means any information that lives on the web and can be consumed on the web.
It Must Have a minimum 150 words in each page.
Content on the webpage must by reliable and understandable by every user.
It must be using the keywords you have researched before, each of them used in the content in an appropriate place.

6) Social Media Engagement:

         Engaging in social media will create a good experience for your audience. You have to more available to your customer. Interact them with Facebook post comments and tweets.

         Top Social media sites:

> Facebook Pages,
> Twitter Profile,
> Instagram Account,
> Reddit,
> Pinterest, and
> Own Blog

7) Meta Tags:

         Meta tags are important for a website to reach a more audience by the stretched title of the website and reliable keywords and description for each page, which leads to a good rank for your website.

  • Title – It must be 50 to 60 character length and it’s doesn’t contain stuff keywords. It must be a unique title.
  • Keyword – It must proper and reliable keywords, don’t use stuff keywords.
  • Description – Meta description must have 150 characters in length, it will show on search engine below the title of the page, which should describe what the website going to give.

Top 5 blogs of this week – 06/07/2018


Plus 91 Ultimate cinemas found some useful articles, which is related to digital marketing and search engine Optimization. Here is the full list:

1) 5 Social listening Tools that you’ll actually want to use – HERE

In this Article, Danny Donchev wrote an article in Social Media marketing about 5 Social listening tools, which is useful for SEO.

2) 5 Things Google Ads can now do Automatically – HERE

Frederick Vallaeys wrote an article about new automation implemented on Google Ads which is useful for digital marketing.

3) How to Diagnose Your SEO Clients Search maturity – HERE

Heather Physioc discussed about SEO Client Seach Maturity.

4) An SEO Perspective of Google Penalty and Algorithm Change – HERE

In this Article, Tarun Gupta Wrote about the SEO Perspective of  Penalty and Algorithm Change in Google

5) Top Tips From Social Media Managers – HERE

Here Kristy Marrin’s discussed some tips from Social Media Manager for Social Media Marketing

Importance of H1tag in your website!

Importance of <H1> tag in your website!


h1 tag seo - The Plus91 media
Importance of H1 tag in website SEO


Is that really important to have an H1 tag?

Yes, every page must contain h1 tag, a unique tag which has our keyword in it will be nice to our website. Latest statistics say 80% of people getting interested in the news by just reading the heading, the title of the topic attract the more audience into the news.  H1 tag is like heading for a newspaper. Its unique & keyword words can attract the readers and as well as search engine bots.

How it should look like?

<h1> tag is important for a website, which is response fore help search engine bot to understand the content available in that specific website. It has some procedure to use <h1> tag.

  • Each Page’s: Each and every page’s in the website must contain their own h1 tag, which is easy to understand that page content by search engine bots.
  • Unique: Each H1 tag should in unique words, of-course each page had their own different topic.
  • Keyword: Each title tags must contain the keyword used in that website, which will help your page into a search engine.

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